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The tract of Walter Mapes against marriage, published under the title of "Epistola Valerii ad Rufinum.
On Tuesday, January 9, 1906, I was on hand with a capable stenographer -Miss Josephine Hobby, who had successively, and successfully, held secretarial positions with Charles Dudley Warner and Mrs. Mary Mapes Dodge, and was therefore peculiarly qualified for the work in hand.
Lewes told me that once, having gone with a party of archaeologists to visit a ruined church, he found on a twelfth-century tombstone some illegible letters which he persuaded the others to believe formed the name Golias, probably having in mind the poems of Walter de Mapes.
HANS BRINKER; or, The Silver Skates By Mary Mapes Dodge A popular edition of this well-known story of life in Holland.

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Sempronius Sophus, of whom Valerius Maximus tells in his sixth book. 28.
Example #2
See note 41 to the prologue to the Tales.
Example #3
Clemens, meantime, had been revolving our plans and adding some features of his own.
Example #4
He proposed to double the value and interest of our employment by letting his dictations continue the form of those earlier autobiographical chapters, begun with Redpath in 1885, and continued later in Vienna and at the Villa Quarto.
Example #5
I remember that Tom Powell had told me how he had dined somewhere in London, where there was a man present who had really been a cannibal, owing to dire stress of shipwreck, and how Lewes, who was there, was so fascinated with the man-eater that he could think of nothing else.
Example #6
I delighted him very much by describing how I had told the fortunes by hand of six gypsy girls.