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How to use mapela in a sentence. Mapela pronunciation.

And have you, Amakosa, anything to add to, or take from, what Mapela has said?
I am not troubled about Sekosini, Mapela, and Amakosa; their guilt is indisputable, and they die the death; if they were permitted to live they would but plot against me again.
Conducted by their guards, the eight prisoners, their faces set and expressionless as masks, ranged themselves in line before the king; then, for a full minute, there ensued a profound and impressive silence, which was at length broken by Lobelalatutu, who commanded, in a calm, stern voice: "Sekosini, chief Witch Doctor, and you Mapela, Amakosa, N'Ampata, and Sekukuni, chiefs of the Makolo, stand forward and listen to your doom.
You, Sekosini, Mapela, N'Ampata, and Amakosa, yesterday boldly and defiantly acknowledged your guilt, and had nothing to plead in extenuation of it; but you, Sekukuni, in addition to being a conspirator, have proved yourself liar [and] coward; for at your public trial, in the presence of those now assembled, you declared yourself to be, like Ingona, Lambati, and Moroosi, the victim of Sekosini's wiles and serpent tongue; whereas afterward, when you were brought before me privately, and compelled by the Healer's magic to speak the truth, you acknowledged that your former statement was false, made only in the hope of mitigation of your punishment, and that in your foul, guilty heart you thought as Sekosini, and would have fought against me to your last man in the attempt to overthrow and destroy me.

Examples of Mapela

Example #1
But the plan was Sekosini's, and he would listen to no such proposal; while I, who had been sworn to secrecy, dared not break my oath," answered N'Ampata.
Example #2
Yet you have dared to break that oath.
Example #3
N'Ampata also is a dangerous man; he, too, is opposed to my system of government, and is not to be trusted; it were better that he should die, than that he should live and perchance stir up another conspiracy against me, to be suppressed only at the cost of many more lives.
Example #4
You heard what each culprit had to say in his defence, and I doubt not that you saw, as I did, that all were not equally guilty.
Example #5
Out of your own mouths have ye been convicted of conspiracy against me and the peace of the nation.
Example #6
Then, at a sign from His Majesty, all who were entitled to sit did so, and the order was given to lead forward the prisoners.