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How to use marchd in a sentence. Marchd pronunciation.

I' the head of all this warlike rabble, 105 CROWDERO march'd, expert and able.
Thus virtuous ORSIN was endu'd With learning, conduct, fortitude, Incomparable: and as the prince Of poets, HOMER sung long since A skilful leech is better far 245 Than half an hundred men of war, So he appear'd; and by his skill, No less than dint of sword, cou'd kill The gallant BRUIN march'd next him, With visage formidably grim, 250 And rugged as a Saracen, Or Turk of Mahomet's own kin; Clad in a mantle della guerre Of rough impenetrable fur; And in his nose, like Indian King, 255 He wore, for ornament, a ring; About his neck a threefold gorget.
Thus grave and solemn they march'd on, Until quite thro' the town th' had gone; At further end of which there stands 1130 An ancient castle, that commands Th' adjacent parts: in all the fabrick You shall not see one stone nor a brick; But all of wood; by pow'rful spell Of magic made impregnable.
And in the self-same limbo put The Knight and Squire where he was shut; Where leaving them in Hockley i' th' Hole, Their bangs and durance to condole, Confin'd and conjur'd into narrow 1005 Enchanted mansion to know sorrow, In the same order and array Which they advanc'd, they march'd away.
Before the dame, and round about, March'd whifflers and staffiers on foot, 650 With lackies, grooms, valets, and pages, In fit and proper equipages; Of whom some torches bore, some links, Before the proud virago minx, That was both Madam and a Don, 655 Like NERO'S SPORUS, or POPE JOAN; And at fit periods the whole rout Set up their throats with clamorous shout.
Which they advanc'd, they march'd away.
We had before heard that the whole Force of the Enemy had marchd unexpectedly & precipitately into the City of New York.
No People ever more tamely surrenderd than of that Part of the Jerseys through which the Enemy marchd.
Last Saturday General Howe with the main Body of his Army marchd from Brunswick to Somerset Court House about 8 Miles on the Road to Cariel's Ferry with an Intention as it was thought to cross the Delaware there, but Genl Sullivan with about three thousand Regulars and Militia got Possession of the post there.
When you left this City you may remember the Enemy was at Brunswick and our Army at a place called Middlebrook about 9 Miles North of Brunswick Since which General Howe who had joyned his Army marchd suddenly from thence with Design as it was generally believd to make a rapid Push for Philadelphia, but he disappointed the Hopes of some and the fears of others by halting at Somerset Court House about 9 Miles on the Road leading to Caryels Ferry.
I wish to know as soon as possible, how many Men actually marchd for that place from N E, & particularly from Massachusetts Bay.
Of what Persons the Company is composed-Character and Adventures of Frederick Thompson. DRAWN by the annual call, we now behold Our Troop Dramatic, heroes known of old, And those, since last they march'd, enlisted and enrolled: Mounted on hacks or borne in waggons some, The rest on foot (the humbler brethren) come.
And much it moved him, when he Hamlet play'd, To see his Father's Ghost so drunken made: Then too the temper, the unbending pride Of this ally, would no reproof abide: - So leaving these, he march'd away and join'd Another troop, and other goods purloin'd; And other characters, both gay and sage, Sober and sad, made stagger on the stage.
As many more Manillio forced to yield, And march'd a victor from the verdant field.
He went, and with him of my people march'd Twenty and two, all weeping; nor ourselves Wept less, at separation from our friends.
He landed at Alexandria, in Virginia, and thence march'd to Frederictown, in Maryland, where he halted for carriages.
We had not march'd many miles before it began to rain, and it continued raining all day; there were no habitations on the road to shelter us, till we arriv'd near night at the house of a German, where, and in his barn, we were all huddled together, as wet as water could make us.
I have march'd, trumpets sounding-drums beating-flags flying, Where the music of war drown'd the shrieks of the dying, When the shots whizz'd around me all dangers defied, Push'd on when my comrades fell dead at my side, Drove the foe from the mouth of the Cannon away, Fought, conquer'd and bled, all for sixpence a day.
For our aduantage, therefore heare vs first: These flagges of France that are aduanced heere Before the eye and prospect of your Towne, Haue hither march'd to your endamagement.
To friend, parent, or comrade, a yet virgin sword, From a holiday troop, to one bound for the war, Had march'd forth, with eyes that saw death in the star Whence others sought glory.

Examples of Marchd

Example #1
RALPHO rode on with no less speed Than Hugo in the forest did; 100 But far more in returning made; For now the foe he had survey'd, Rang'd as to him they did appear, With van, main battle, wings, and rear.
Example #2
Then shook himself, to see that prowess In scabbard of his arms sat loose; And, rais'd upon his desp'rate foot, 95 On stirrup-side he gaz'd about, Portending blood, like blazing star, The beacon of approaching war.
Example #3
For as the teeth in beasts of prey Are swords, with which they fight in fray; So swords, in men of war, are teeth, Which they do eat their vittle with.
Example #4
He was by birth, some authors write, 265 A Russian; some, a Muscovite; And 'mong the Cossacks had been bred; <> Of whom we in diurnals read, That serve to fill up pages here, As with their bodies ditches there.
Example #5
And tow'd him, if he lagg'd behind, Like boat against the tide and wind.
Example #6
And on his nut-brown whinyard bore The trophee-fiddle and the case, Leaning on shoulder like a mace.