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How to use marlin-spike in a sentence. Marlin-spike pronunciation.

Shipmate stove me down with a marlin-spike from the main-royal.
Duff was struck with a marlin-spike, but he still clung to the oar he was trying to use.
Rummage about, and find me a bolt or two, a marlin-spike, anything.

Examples of Marlin-spike

Example #1
She presently trudged on again with renewed spirits, and in ten minutes more the faint blue smoke from a chimney caught her eye; that was neighbour Gunn's cottage, and their own was close by.
Example #2
Then he went to the mountain to Antony.
Example #3
Another black plunged through the window into the water, while several threw themselves from the deck and began swimming towards the boat.
Example #4
A few missiles were thrown; among other articles a Winchester, which the boy strove in vain to reach as it rebounded from the boat's bow into the sea.
Example #5
Parsons, who, though a vulgar bully, was no coward, supported the character of Mr. Evan Morgans well enough; and he would have really enjoyed himself, had he not been in agonies of fear lest those precious saddle-bags in front of him should break from their lashings, and rolling to the earth, expose to the hoofs of heretic horses, perhaps to the gaze of heretic eyes, such a cargo of bulls, dispensations, secret correspondences, seditious tracts, and so forth, that at the very thought of their being seen, his head felt loose upon his shoulders.
Example #6
And as he spoke four or five more mounted gallants plunged in and out of the great dikes, and thundered on behind the party; whose horses, quite understanding what game was up, burst into full gallop, neighing and squealing; and in another minute the hapless Jesuits were hurling along over moor and moss after a "hart of grease.