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Definition of Masa

  • an independent group of closely related Chadic languages spoken in the area between the Biu-Mandara and East Chadic languages

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Estoy muy interesado en el desarrollo de Internet como medio de comunicación de masa durante los próximos años.
Masa's Jewelry V. The Deliverance VI.
Masa uttered a cry, and, rushing to Mohammed, clung wildly to his knees.
The men of Praousta knew well that this was Masa, the sheik's daughter.
Then you must know, my father, that Masa will not remain on the earth if you leave it.
My father said: 'I will not take in a strange woman: no second wife shall ever fill the place in my heart that has been wholly consecrated to my dear Masa.
Now Masa ceased speaking; a few stifled sobs, a few trembling words only, could be distinguished.
She thought the ghins were detaining her, and she prayed to Allah from her inmost soul to release her from their dread enchantment. "Fear me not, Masa," said a kindly voice; "listen to me.
Masa must obey her father and master.
Believe me, Masa, I am not your enemy, not your father's enemy.
But, Masa, you shall know that I am neither yours nor your father's enemy.
O Masa, had I sooner beheld these eyes, that now look upon me with the brilliancy of the stars in heaven, had I sooner beheld the countenance that now beams upon me with the brightness of the young day, never would my mother's son have assumed a threatening attitude toward your father, never would Mohammed have undertaken to enforce the law against him.
True, the evil ghins have brought this about, but hearken to me, Masa, and consider well that your father's welfare is at stake.
Do not wound me, Masa, with your alarm.
Therefore, Masa, have I followed you.
O Masa, I entreat you, spread your wings and fly!
Masa followed, praying to herself that her mother's spirit might accompany and guard her from all danger.
Masa fluttered lightly from cliff to cliff like a white dove.
But now that I have gazed in your eyes, Masa, all else is forgotten and extinguished, and for me there exists only the present; no longer a past.
I have already told you, Masa, that I have sworn by my honor, that the men of Praousta shall pay the double tax, as they are in duty bound to do.

Examples of Masa

Example #1
Pero pienso continuar esta actividad de una manera o de otra.
Example #2
Todo depende de lo que esta palabra "debates" recubra.
Example #3
The First Day of Creation IV.
Example #4
The Flower of Praousta II.
Example #5
Think of your own father, think of your mother!
Example #6
He pushed her roughly and hastily from him.