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It so happened that at this juncture the fortress of Masada on the Dead Sea fell into the hands of the Zealots; the courage of the party of action rose, and at the instance of the hot-headed Eleazar the son of Ananias, a man, still young, of highest priestly family, the sacrifice on behalf of the emperor was discontinued, ie.
It did not come wholly to an end until the fall of Masada (April 73).
Some of the boldest of the war party one day seized the fortress of Masada, near the Dead Sea, built by Jonathan the Maccabean, and fortified by Herod.

Examples of Masada

Example #1
Once again was an attempt at pacification made by Agrippa II.
Example #2
But the native authorities continued opposed to a war.
Example #3
He was slightly premature with his triumph; for some time elapsed, and more than one bloody battle was necessary before the rebellion was completely stifled.
Example #4
Titus took with him to Rome for his triumphal procession Simon bar Giora and John of Giscala, along with seven hundred other prisoners, also the sacred booty taken from the temple, the candlestick, the golden table, and a copy of the Torah.
Example #5
M98 The tables of stone.
Example #6
M97 Moses on Mount Sinai.