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This Book Should Be in Every Mason’s Library.
We took the oath, perhaps 300 of us, down on Luther Mason’s farm, a few miles from where I now write, where Col. Hays had encamped after Independence.
The capital of a column was the favourite place for the indulgence of the mason’s taste in caricature; the _misereres_, or folding scats of the choir, for that of the wood-carver.

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Example #1
In addition, read what the author says about the famous Philosopher’s Stone of the Alchemists, the Path of Initiation, and the Coming Age.
Example #2
Only a trained Seer could have read the Akashic Records of the past and given such a clear explanation of their meaning.
Example #3
Millions of boys and men have read with rising hair the terrible “black oath” which was supposed to have been taken by these brave fighters, but of which they never heard, nor I, until I read it in books published long after the war.
Example #4
Jarrette’s company in Col. Upton B. Hays’ regiment, which was a part of the brigade of Gen. Joseph O. Shelby.
Example #5
It is impossible to conceive anything more droll than many of the scenes depicted on these ancient benches.
Example #6
Grotesque design, for the reason already stated, frequently appears in the details of church architecture and furniture during the Middle Ages, particularly from the thirteenth to the seventeenth century.