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Definition of Matchmaker

  • One who makes matches for burning or kinding.
  • One who tries to bring about marriages.
  • someone who arranges (or tries to arrange) marriages for others

How to use matchmaker in a sentence. Matchmaker pronunciation.

I think I must turn matchmaker, and get him married to some one.
Courtships were not unfrequently carried on in the larger villages, which alone could support such an individual, by means of a "svakha," or matchmaker.
Love is largely a matter of propinquity: and the world now regards Pacheco as a master matchmaker as well as a master painter.
Mrs. Francis has a new role, that of matchmaker, though I don't suppose she knows it.
But I went about the business like an accomplished matchmaker.
Colonel Morley-who, as we know, is by habit a matchmaker, and likes the vocation-assumes a placid but cogitative mien, rubs his brow gently, and says in his softest, best-bred accents, "You would not marry a mere girl?
He had unexpectedly brought down two birds with one stone; and as he looked upon the pair of flushed and breathless culprits, the pleasant human instinct of the matchmaker softened his heart.
All the instinct of the matchmaker flamed up in her.
A broad, benevolent, encouraging face, the face of a matchmaker.
Nature is a wicked old matchmaker.
When Harriet was safe in Europe, she would turn matchmaker and marry him to Sally Carter.
I believe I shall turn matchmaker yet, and find you a man; and the chiefest of his qualifications shall be that he's wretchedly hard on his hose, and that he adores puddings.

Examples of Matchmaker

Example #1
It oughtn't to be difficult.
Example #2
They jested on this theme until Nancy chose to become serious again.
Example #3
The abuse of early marriages was regulated by Tsar Nicholas.
Example #4
The inducement lay in the fact that the "tiaglo" (see previous note) received an additional lot of the communal land for every male added to its number, though this could have formed an inducement in the southern and fertile provinces of Russia only, as it is believed that agriculture in the north is so unremunerative that land has often to be forced upon the peasants, in order that the taxes, for which the whole Commune is responsible to Government, may be paid.
Example #5
Diego and Juana were married, aged nineteen, and Pacheco breathed easier.
Example #6
She was about the age of Velasquez, gentle, refined and amiable.