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The material-a brown silk, with very fine and multiplied green lines-seemed also of that period.
He is fancied to have been disdainful of such matters as the mere tone, the fibre or texture, of his marble or cedar-wood, of that just perceptible yellowness, for instance, in the ivory-like surface of the Venus of Melos; as being occupied only with forms as abstract almost as the conceptions of philosophy, and translateable it might be supposed into any material-a habit of regarding him still further encouraged by the modern [190] sculptor's usage of employing merely mechanical labour in the actual working of the stone.
And here was his old friend, the keenest-sighted woman he knew, looking upon it simply as literary material-a ridiculous social event.
Material_.-As we might expect from the loss in body weight, the excretory organs are particularly active during the lying-in period.

Examples of Material-a

Example #1
The bodice, which was one with the skirt, was partly hidden beneath a mantle of /poult-de-soie/ edged with black lace, and fastened on the bosom by a brooch enclosing a miniature.
Example #2
Her gown could only be called by its ancient name of "fourreau," so tightly was she sheathed within it, after the fashion of the eighteenth century.
Example #3
The works of the highest Greek sculpture are indeed intellectualised, if we may say so, to the utmost degree; the human figures which they present to us seem actually to conceive thoughts; in them, that profoundly reasonable spirit of design which is traceable in Greek art, continuously and increasingly, upwards from its simplest products, the oil-vessel or the urn, reaches its perfection.
Example #4
Greek sculpture has come to be regarded as the product of a peculiarly limited art, dealing with a specially abstracted range of subjects; and the Greek sculptor as a workman almost exclusively intellectual, having only a sort of accidental connexion with the material in which his thought was expressed.
Example #5
He had better change the subject.
Example #6
The ball seemed to him a kind of maelstrom in which all his hopes were likely to be wrecked.