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Definition of Matey

  • having the relationship of friends or pals.

How to use matey in a sentence. Matey pronunciation.

Not the waves without but the engine within it is which gives the shock and tremor to the crazy steamer, forcing it to cut through the waves and scatter them to spray; and so did Martin Tinman make light of the external attack of the card of VAN DIEMEN SMITH, and its pencilled line: "An old chum of yours, eh, matey?
As to the name VAN DIEMEN SMITH, he knew it not, and so he said to himself while accurately recollecting the identity of the old chum who alone of men would have thought of writing eh, matey?
CHAPTER V WHEN they reached London in November, after circuitous wanderings, Barney Bill said to Paul: "You've seed enough of me, matey, to know that I wish yer good and not harm.
He was lunching in here with a pal of mine, and we got tolerably matey.

Examples of Matey

Example #1
Tinman heard a word of it, and when he did he had no time to spare for such incidents, for he was reading to his widowed sister Martha, in an impressive tone, at a tolerably high pitch of the voice, and with a suppressed excitement that shook away all things external from his mind as violently as it agitated his body.
Example #2
The story of the shattered chiwal-glass and the visit of Tinman's old schoolmate fresh from Australia, was at many a breakfast-table before.
Example #3
Mr. Van Diemen Smith did not present the card in person.
Example #4
He that has broken the glass, let that man pay for it, he pronounced-no doubt in simpler fashion, being at his ease in his home, but with the serenity of one uplifted.
Example #5
But in his heart rose a high pity for the common though kindly clay that was Barney Bill.
Example #6
Paul did not reply, being instinctively averse from wounding susceptibilities.