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How to use mato in a sentence. Mato pronunciation.

You know how these here sortin' trays are made,-these here trays that they use to sort oranges and 'matoes.
Cristianoil uai ti peten chikin lae ti mato tac Cristianoil uai Cupul; pachal hom to tac Cristianoil, baito bin cantic, ca bin hoppoc toon uai ti Cupule.
In about an hour and a half we emerged from the forest and entered upon wild broken ground covered with _mato_ or brushwood.

Examples of Mato

Example #1
Well, we had to sleep on gunn sack beds.
Example #2
We had no beds, just gunny sacks nailed to the bunks, no slats, no springs, no nothing else.
Example #3
Juan de Guerrero y Fr.
Example #4
Fernando Guererro Saci Sisal lai oces haa tu hol uinicob lai chunbezob cristianoil uay tu cuch cabal Saci tulacal, tal chikin Cheel, tali Ecab, tali Cusamil, tali ti xaman, tali ti nohol, xan lai chunmes[207-1] u pakal monisterio Saci Sisal.
Example #5
The mules stopped to drink at a shallow pool, and on looking to the right I saw a ruined wall.
Example #6
The tales he related were truly horrible, and to avoid them I mounted again and rode on considerably in front.