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Before long I learnt that my companion's name was Maton; this at least was her surname, and I did not feel any curiosity to know the name of the he or she saint whom her godmothers had constituted her patron at the baptismal font.
This pathetic history seemed to bear the marks of truth; and I thought it very possible that Maton had only come with me to make her fortune or to do rather better than she had been doing, which would not be difficult.
Maton, who had been very hungry all day, but had not dared to tell me so, ate with an amazing and pleasing appetite; but not being accustomed to wine, she would have fallen asleep at table, if I had not begged her to retire.
Maton was lying on her bed with all her clothes on, fast asleep, and perspiring with the heat.
Maton undressed this time, but I had the firmness not to look at her.
When I came back we had a good supper, and Maton pleased me both by her appetite and amiability.
A good many people called on me, and wanted to be presented to Maton; but my answer was that, as she was only my housekeeper, and not my wife, I could not have the pleasure of introducing her.
He was a fine young fellow, of great boldness and even impudence, and one day he came into our room and asked me to give him a dinner just as Maton and myself were sitting down to table.
I could not refuse him, and I could not request Maton to leave the room, so from the beginning to the end of the meal he showered his military jokes and attentions on her, though he was perfectly polite the whole time.
Maton behaved very well; she was not prudish, nor did she forget the respect she owed to me and indeed to herself.
I replied that I never took Maton out anywhere, but that he would be welcome to come and take pot-luck with us every day if he liked.
I came in to dinner in the highest spirits, and Maton was as gay as myself.
Maton was deceiving me, and I should be cheated in twenty-four hours unless I took care.
Indeed, there was a door leading to the room where Maton slept with her maid when I did not care to have her in my room.
I went upstairs softly, and finding Maton on the balcony, I said, after some indifferent conversation, that I should like to change rooms.
This reply shewed me that Maton was an old hand, and that I had better give her up if I did not wish to be duped.
I changed the rooms, and we supped pleasantly together, laughing and talking, and in spite of all her craft Maton did not notice any change in me.
I had myself let blood, and my worthy mother, who came to keep me company, dined with Maton.
This must be a present from Maton, for I had not known anyone else since leaving Leopol.
I spent a troubled night, rage and indignation being my principal emotions; and next morning, coming upon Maton suddenly, I found everything in the most disgusting state.

Examples of Maton

Example #1
I asked her if she could write French as well as she spoke it, and she shewed me a letter by way of sample.
Example #2
This was my chief aim, everything else was only fleeting enjoyment, and as I had not had a love affair since I parted with Zaira, I hoped most fervently that the present adventure would prove to be one.
Example #3
She was twenty-five years old, and as she had never been out of Breslau before, she would doubtless be delighted to see what the world was like at Dresden.
Example #4
I could not help feeling that I had been a fool to burden myself with the girl, who would most likely cost me a lot of money; but still I found my conduct excusable, as the chances were a hundred to one against her accepting the proposal I had been foolish enough to make.
Example #5
She begged my pardon, assuring me she would not let such a thing occur again.
Example #6
At nightfall I stopped, wishing to spend the night at the posting-station.