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Umbogo reported that the natives had given him the names of nine matongales (chiefs) killed in the action, together with a large number of common people.
The matongale, or sheik, who was the principal messenger, assured me that Kabba Rega was quite in despair, and that he had given orders for provisions and a large quantity of ivory to be collected, which would be sent to us on the day following, in charge of Rahonka and Kittakara.
On 10th of June a matongale and several natives arrived from Kabba Rega, with a most polite message and friendly assurances, accompanied by a present of two beautiful white cows.

Examples of Matongale

Example #1
A great many were still missing: these were probably lying in the high grass which had been raked by the hot fire of the sniders.
Example #2
It had been the day of death to my lamented follower, Monsoor; but we had well avenged him.
Example #3
The want of provisions was sorely felt; fortunately, as our cows had been dying daily, the troops had some sweet potatoes that had been purchased in exchange for flesh.
Example #4
If he were innocent, I should be only too happy.
Example #5
The messengers corroborated the statement of the preceding day, that large quantities of provisions were being prepared for us, together with twenty elephants' tusks, which were to be delivered as a peace-offering by Rahonka and Kittakara in person.
Example #6
This was now returned to our original quarters; my wife and her black maids were working hard at rearranging the rooms.