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How to use matro in a sentence. Matro pronunciation.

This consisted of five beings, almost equally dear to her heart-an educated bullfinch, to which she had taken an affection because it could no longer whistle or draw water, and which was afflicted with a swollen neck; a quiet and exceedingly timid little dog, called Roska; a bad-tempered cat, named Matros; a dark-complexioned, lively little girl of nine, with very large eyes and a sharp nose, whose name was Shurochka[A]; and an elderly lady of about fifty-five, who wore a white cap and a short, cinnamon-colored _katsaveika_[B] over a dark gown, and whose name was Nastasia Carpovna Ogarkof.
I cannot abide your strong tobacco; besides, it would make Matros sneeze.
And the cat, Matros, purred in the large chair by the side of the stocking and the ball of worsted; the long, thin flame of the little lamp feebly wavered in front of the holy picture; and in the next room, just the other side of the door, stood Nastasia Carpovna, and furtively wiped her eyes with a check pocket-handkerchief, rolled up into a sort of ball.

Examples of Matro

Example #1
Marfa Timofeevna was sitting in her room, surrounded by her court.
Example #2
Maria Dmitrievna looked after him with an expression of dissatisfaction, and thought to herself, "What a bear!
Example #3
But as to smoking, you mustn't.
Example #4
Well, then, sit there as you are.
Example #5
And Marfa Timofeevna could not sufficiently kiss those poor, pale, nerveless hands; while silent tears poured down from her eyes and from Liza's too.
Example #6
She felt that she had no right to withdraw them-had no right to prevent the old lady from expressing her sorrow, her sympathy-from asking to be pardoned for what had taken place the day before.