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How to use matthe in a sentence. Matthe pronunciation.

He had five sons: John, who was called Gaddis, and Simon, who was called Matthes, and Judas, who was called Maccabaeus,[66] and Eleazar, who was called Auran, and Jonathan, who was called Apphus.
Uitgave van Dr. J.C. MATTHES.
MATTHES uitgegeven fragmenten, p. 17, vs. 371-2; 28, 637-9; 30, 661; 32, 730-'4. [12] Vgl.

Examples of Matthe

Example #1
Now this Mattathias lamented to his children the sad state of their affairs, and the ravage made in the city, and the plundering of the Temple, and the calamities the multitude were under; and he told them that it was better for them to die for the laws of their country than to live so ingloriously as they then did.
Example #2
Now at this time there was one whose name was Mattathias, who dwelt at Modin, the son of John, the son of Simeon, the son of Asamoneus, a priest of the order of Joarib, and a citizen of Jerusalem.
Example #3
XXXVII zijner Inleiding, waarbij echter veel onzekers.
Example #4
Daar ook vindt men de bespreking der hss.
Example #5
Dr. VAN BERKUM'S opmerkingen dienaangaande t.a.p. bl.
Example #6
Over den roman _van Walewein_ vgl.