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How to use mattison in a sentence. Mattison pronunciation.

Company B, Captain G.M. Mattison.
Rook, James, Rook, Franklin, Robinson, G.M., Sparks, William, Starns, W.A., Stone, H.C., Smith, Nimrod, Smith, Wm., Sumner, I.M., Sumner, F.S., Sumner, John, Sumner, Mattison, Templeton, Jno.
J.F., Mattison, James, Mulligan, W.H., Mann, S.H., McDavid, J.Q., Martin, Samuel, Mann, A.K., Martin, W.A., Morgan, David, Mattison.

Examples of Mattison

Example #1
We were suffering for something to eat more than anything else.
Example #2
Company C, Captain P.H. Bradley.
Example #3
But still I nerved myself with all the will power I possessed, and was placed on an oil cloth under the spreading branches of an elm.
Example #4
I thought the end was near now for a certainty, and was frightened accordingly.
Example #5
While lying at Frederick City, Lee conceived the bold and perilous project of again dividing his army in the face of his enemy, and that enemy McClellan.
Example #6
The soldiers to a man seemed to feel the importance of obeying the orders to respect and protect the person and property of those with whom we came in contact.