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And he then read out the draft, which ran as follows:- "From Bracegirdle, Pollyblank, and Company, Ship and Insurance Agents, Birchin Lane, London, to Miguel, Mavrocordato, and Thomasson, Freres, Fruit Merchants and General Shippers, Smyrna, 17th March, 1881.
Prince Mavrocordato was warmed by those aspirations for the independence of his country which filled the hearts of many of his countrymen.
Le siége de Lépante avait été remis après la tenue d'un nouveau congrès à Salone, auquel devaient assister Mavrocordato, Byron, Stanhope et Odysseus.

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At three days' sight pay to John Harding, master of the ship _Muscadine_, or order, the sum of one thousand five hundred and seventy-five pounds sterling.
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Then it is quite handy," said the corsair, clapping his hand in the breast-pocket of the appropriated garment, and producing a thick Russian leather wallet, which he proceeded to open with nervous hands.
Example #3
He often intimated the possibility of an insurrection in Greece; but we had no idea of its being so near at hand, when, on the 1st of April 1821, he called on Shelley, bringing the proclamation of his cousin, Prince Ypsilanti, and, radiant with exultation and delight, declared that henceforth Greece would be free.
Example #4
Among these was the gentleman to whom the drama of "Hellas" is dedicated.
Example #5
Malgré tant de chagrins et de désappointemens, le cœur de Byron était toujours le même.
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Comme le climat de Missolonghi était trop humide pour lui, un habitant de Zante le conjura de venir habiter durant quelque tems sa maison de campagne.