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The chief, like an able politician, took advantage of the impression which his white visitors had created and, the same day, sent off messengers to the villages which had combined in the attack against them, saying that the white men-his guests-were very angry; and that, unless peace was made, and a solemn promise given that there should be no renewal of the late attempts, they were going to lay a dreadful spell upon the villages.
The next time the local met, the women were saying that they were disappointed in Comrade Higgins; they had thought he was really devoted to the cause, but they saw now he was like all the rest of the men-his head had been turned by one smile on a pretty face.
There is that by which he has to do with the things of matter-his five wits; that by which he has to do with God Almighty and the saints-his immortal soul and her powers; and, for the last, that by which he has to do with men-his lower understanding, his mind, his power of speech, and the like.

Examples of Men-hi

Example #1
Women and children would be seized by disease, and the right arms of the warriors wither up.
Example #2
The idea that white devils were leagued with the enemies against them had excited the superstitious fear of the Malays to the utmost; and when, in the morning, scouts again sallied from the village, they found that the enemy had entirely gone-the fact that they had not even returned to carry off the effects which had been abandoned, in the first panic, showing that they had continued their flight, without stopping, to their distant villages.
Example #3
Instead of attending to his work, he was following that Baskerville creature about, gazing at her yearningly, like a moon-calf, making a ninny of himself before the whole room.
Example #4
Jimmie tried to hide what was going on; and of course-poor, naive soul-he had never learned to hide anything in his life, and now was too late to begin.
Example #5
Each nature has its proper end, though each ministers to the other.
Example #6
There are, as you have learned from me, and I from Master Richard Raynal, a trinity of natures in man.