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How to use men-why in a sentence. Men-why pronunciation.

And rich men!-why, it's notorious that they're always more or less mean about money.
He and all his army-these great brave and warlike men-why I alone with that weapon could turn-" She stopped abruptly.
And if it entailed on you the necessity to lay by-and give up hazard, and not be security for other men-why, it would be the best thing that could happen.

Examples of Men-why

Example #1
A wife has got to use tact.
Example #2
Unless we have money of our own, we all have trouble with the men about money, sooner or later, in one way or another.
Example #3
The red flush of frenzied anger drained from her cheeks.
Example #4
But it is the weapon's power, not his!
Example #5
You know how I have wished to see you come forward, and take that part in life which becomes your birth.
Example #6
Frank was ashamed of the dint made by the pony's hoofs on the smooth gravel: he dismounted, tied the animal to the wicket, and went on foot towards the glass door in front.