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Definition of Met

  • imp. & p. p. of Meet.
  • imp. & p. p. of Mete, to measure.
  • p. p. of Mete, to dream.

How to use met in a sentence. Met pronunciation.

They realised that in the man who had just left the room with Kaid there were characteristics unlike those they had ever met before in Europeans.
There was a cut where the hair met the temple.
But they declared to all who crowded upon their words that the Inglesi left the Palace with a face frozen white, as though it was he that had met debacle, while Nahoum had been as urbane and cynical as though he had come to the fulness of his power.
We might never have met again.
At last, however, she met David's eyes, and they guided her, for in them was a steady strength and force which gave her confidence.
I had met him in England.
Hylda, who met his look with a repugnance which made her face rigid.
Their eyes met, though hers were in the shade.
The idealism which had been born with him had met its reward in a labour herculean at the least, and the infinite drudgery of the practical issues came in a terrible pressure of conviction to his mind.
Nay, then, I swear it by the tomb of my brother, whom Death met in the highway, and because he loved the sun, and the talk of men, and the ways of women, rashly smote him out of the garden of life into the void.
Oriental fatalism met inveterate Oriental distrust and then instinctively Kaid's eyes turned to David.
He swung round and was met by the passive face of the black slave in personal attendance on Harrik.
This man before him was like no other he had ever met.
The eyes of the two men met.
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Of course I had tried to sell him; but that was a stretch of simplicity which met with little sympathy.
I met men at every turn who owned from one thousand to thirty thousand "feet" in undeveloped silver mines, every single foot of which they believed would shortly be worth from fifty to a thousand dollars-and as often as any other way they were men who had not twenty-five dollars in the world.
Every man you met had his new mine to boast of, and his "specimens" ready; and if the opportunity offered, he would infallibly back you into a corner and offer as a favor to you, not to him, to part with just a few feet in the "Golden Age," or the "Sarah Jane," or some other unknown stack of croppings, for money enough to get a "square meal" with, as the phrase went.

Examples of Met

Example #1
What Kaid had long foreshadowed seemed at hand: the coming of a European counsellor and confidant.
Example #2
The eyes that followed the Prince and the Quaker were not friendly.
Example #3
He opened the waistcoat and thrust his hand inside the shirt.
Example #4
David quickly stooped and turned the body over.
Example #5
The excited guests were now knocking at the doors of Cairene notables, bent upon gossip of the night's events, or were scouring the bazaars for ears into which to pour the tale of how David was exalted and Nahoum was brought low; how, before them all, Kaid had commanded Nahoum to appear at the Palace in the morning at eleven, and the Inglesi, as they had named David, at ten.
Example #6
CHAPTER VII THE COMPACT One by one the lights went out in the Palace.