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Their permanency is the crowning result of the proper methods-methods which eradicate the trouble at its source-treat and remove the cause instead of treating the effect.
In regard to the need of a trained adviser for the new settlers the president of the company explained as follows: The greatest need for instruction is in land clearing, for the modern land-clearing methods-methods of just how to "brush," and at what time of year to conduct the operations-are entirely new to almost every settler arriving in the colony.

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Example #1
These benefits accrue gradually as the course progresses, but when, upon the completion of the course, perfect speech is finally restored, the results are fully evident and entirely permanent.
Example #2
In addition to this, the nervousness which marked the every movement of the stammerer has disappeared and the self-consciousness which made life a misery is replaced by a calm self-control, resulting in an entire self-forgetfulness, perfect poise and a feeling of self-possession.
Example #3
No wonder we ourselves are studying, experimenting, and improving on land-clearing methods each month.
Example #4
In general, our immigrant colonists are efficient workers.