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Methodus in præcipuos scripturæ locos, ad nuda didactici generis præcepta, ingenti labore in theologorũ non exercitatorum vsum cũposita, qui certa ratione sanctam scripturam syncerè tractare possint.
Reipublicae Statu deque Nova Insula Utopia_, 1516), the political theory of the Frenchman, Jean Bodin (_Six Livres de la République_, 1577, Latin 1584; also a philosophico-historical treatise, _Methodus ad Facilem Historiarum Cognitionem_, and the _Colloquium Heptaplomeres_, edited by Noack, 1857), and the law of war of the Italian, Albericus Gentilis, at his death professor in Oxford (_De Jure Belli_, 1588).
Geulincx himself, besides two inaugural addresses at Leyden (as Lector in 1662, Professor Extraordinary in 1665), published the following treatises: _Quaestiones Quodlibeticae_ (in the second edition, 1665, entitled _Saturnalia_) with an important introductory discourse; _Logica Fundamentis Suis Restituta_, 1662; _Methodus Inveniendi Argumenta_ (new edition by Bontekoe, 1675); and the first part of his Ethics-_De Virtute et Primis ejus Proprietatibus, quae vulgo Virtutes Cardinales Vocantur, Tractatus Ethicus Primus_, 1665.
Thümmig (_Institutiones Philosophia Wolfianae_, 1725-26); the theologian Siegmund Baumgarten at Halle, the elder brother of the aesthete; the mathematician Martin Knutzen, Kant's teacher;[1] the literary historian Gottsched [2] at Leipsic; and G. Ploucquet, who in his _Methodus Calculandi in Logicis_, with a _Commentatio de Arte Characteristica Universali_ appended to his _Principia de Substantiis et Phaenomenis_, 1753, took up again Leibnitz's cherished plan for a logical calculus and a universal symbolic language.

Examples of Methodu

Example #1
Cui adiecta est farrago locorum communium.
Example #2
Ex libris Erasmi sarcerii Anuemontani.
Example #3
Further, _Aus Schleiermachers Leben, in Briefen_, 4 vols.
Example #4
Common to these three was the advocacy of religious tolerance, from which atheists alone were to be excepted; common, also, their ethical standpoint in opposition to Machiavelli, while they are at one with him in regard to the liberation of political and legal science from theology and the Church.
Example #5
E. Caro, _M. Littré et le Positivisme_, 1883, and Herm.
Example #6
This chief work was issued complete in all six parts with the title, _[Greek: Gnothi seauton] sive Ethica_, 1675, by Bontekoe, under the pseudonym Philaretus.