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Definition of Mezcal

  • Same as Mescal.
  • a small spineless globe-shaped cactus; source of mescal buttons

How to use mezcal in a sentence. Mezcal pronunciation.

The naturalist had brought among his packs a small keg of aguardiente, mezcal spirits, for the purpose of preserving any new species of the lizard or snake tribe he should chance to fall in with.
Great rocks scarped out, abutting over the stream; shaggy pines hung top downward, clinging in their seams; shapeless bunches of cacti and mezcals crawled along the cliffs, their picturesque but gloomy foliage adding to the wildness of the scene.
There were briars, mezcal plants, and cacti-all luxuriant, hirsute, and thorny.

Examples of Mezcal

Example #1
What I heard, then, was neither more or less than a plot to steal the keg and its contents!
Example #2
My first impulse was to leap up and stop them in their design, as well as administer a salutary rebuke to my voyageur and his red-haired companion; but a moment's reflection convinced me that they could be better punished in another way.
Example #3
It was dark within the pass, from the shadow of the jutting masses; but now darker than usual, for black storm-clouds were swathing the cliffs overhead.
Example #4
Far above us rose the frowning cliffs, thousands of feet overhead.
Example #5
Approaching this point, the road on each side of the barranca suddenly dips, the trails converging downward, and meeting among the ruins.
Example #6
The ground about them was shaggy and choked up.