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How to use mezquite in a sentence. Mezquite pronunciation.

Here and there, mingling with the cacti, are trees of acacia and mezquite, the denizens of the desert-land.
We travelled through a desert country, here and there covered with wild sage and mezquite.
They were to travel on to the Mezquite Hills, that lay some ten or twelve miles to the north-west of the spring.

Examples of Mezquite

Example #1
No bright object relieves the eye; no bird pours its melody into the ear.
Example #2
It is the agave, the far-famed mezcal-plant of Mexico.
Example #3
We passed on our route clumps of cacti, and thickets of creosote bushes, that emitted their foul odours as we crushed through them.
Example #4
The incidents of our first journey were repeated, with but little variety, for several days in succession.
Example #5
There they were to "cacher" by a stream well known to several of them, and wait until warned to join us.
Example #6
The vidette party was told off; and the rest of the band, with the atajo, after blinding the tracks around the spring, struck off in a north-westerly direction.