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How to use milk-a in a sentence. Milk-a pronunciation.

When Jennie had given her hot milk-a favorite remedy of her mother's-and had advised a cold towel for the back of her head, Vesta went to her room and lay down.
This female Cerberus carried a battered skillet in one hand, and opening the door, set free an imprisoned odor of scorched milk-a nauseous and penetrating smell, that lost itself at once, however, among the fumes outside.
Flanagan immediately commenced his supper, which consisted of flummery and new milk-a luxury among the lower ranks which might create envy in an epicure.

Examples of Milk-a

Example #1
The following morning she had a slight fever.
Example #2
One chilly day Vesta came home from school complaining of a headache.
Example #3
Bravo, Josepha, you have avenged me!
Example #4
Has Josepha thrown him over, packed him off, turned him out neck and crop?
Example #5
As he advanced in the work of destruction, the gray eye of Fardorougha, which followed every spoonful that entered his mouth, scintillated like that of a cat when rubbed down the back, though from a directly opposite feeling.
Example #6
He turned and twisted on the chair, and looked from his wife to his son, then turned up his eyes, and appeared to feel as if a dagger entered his heart with every additional dig of Bartle's spoon into the flummery.