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Definition of Min

  • a dialect of Chinese.
  • an Egyptian god of procreation.
  • any of the forms of Chinese spoken in Fukien province
  • an Egyptian god of procreation
  • a unit of time equal to 60 seconds or 1/60th of an hour

How to use min in a sentence. Min pronunciation.

The long and short of it is that Min Palmer has had a regular up-and-down row with Rose Fuller and turned her and her little gal out of doors.
Min's a Tartar when her temper's up-and that's pretty often.
Her people were a queer crowd and Min was never brung up right-jest let run wild all her life.
In the end, howsomever, he had to marry Min.
He set great store by Rose and he c'dn't bear Min.
Min had to be civil to Rose as long as old Palmer lived.
Anyway, everything went to Min's child-to Min as ye might say.
Rose still stayed on there and Min let her, which was more than folks expected of her.
Min's in one of her tantrums now and 'tain't safe to cross her path.
Min was always jealous of that child.
Min's own is an awful-looking thing-a cripple from the time 'twas born.
Min, she flew at him.
Min just caught him by the shoulder and shook him like a rat!
This Min Palmer must at least be different from the rest of the Cornerites, if only in the greater force of her wickedness.
By some subtle intuition Telford knew that this was Min Palmer.
Warped and perverted though her nature might be, she was yet far nobler than those who sat in judgement upon her. Min made some scanty purchases and left the store quickly, brushing unheedingly past the minister as she did so.
He felt for Min Palmer a pity he could not understand or analyze.
If Min claws his eyes out, he'll only have himself to blame.
He lifted his hand to knock, but before he could do so, the door was flung open and Min herself confronted him on the threshold.
His dark-blue eyes, magnetic in their power and sweetness, looked gravely, questioningly, into Min's stormy orbs.

Examples of Min

Example #1
I believe the two women had an awful time.
Example #2
Min's a Tartar when her temper's up-and that's pretty often.
Example #3
Nobody knows how Rose managed to put up with her so long.
Example #4
Well, Rod Palmer took to dancin' attendance on her.
Example #5
I never c'd see it.