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How to use mineowner in a sentence. Mineowner pronunciation.

Belding discovered that he was, indeed, the last man of consequence in Forlorn River to learn of the arrival of Ben Chase and son, mineowners and operators in Sonora.
Leatham's car was waiting for them at the station, and in a few minutes they had reached the mineowner's house.
The mineowner rather gasped at first, then he laughed and slapped his thigh.

Examples of Mineowner

Example #1
They, with a force of miners, had been besieged by rebels and finally driven off their property.
Example #2
She told me there were strangers in town, Americans, who had mining interests in Sonora, and were run out by Orozco.
Example #3
Charles Leatham was a man of about five-and-thirty, tall, broad, and of muscular build.
Example #4
Merriman thanked him, and later on the two friends took the 6.35 train to Ellerby.
Example #5
Then he asked how they thought he could help.
Example #6
When it was finished he expressed his feelings by giving vent to a long and complicated oath.