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Definition of Misleader

  • One who leads into error.
  • someone who leads astray (often deliberately)

How to use misleader in a sentence. Misleader pronunciation.

Why, Warwick, hath thy knee forgot to bow?- Old Salisbury, shame to thy silver hair, Thou mad misleader of thy brainsick son!
In the time of Galileo men would not believe that the earth moved round the sun,-and if anyone had then declared that messages could be sent from one ship to another in mid-ocean without any visible means of communication, he would probably have been put to torture and death as a sorcerer and deliberate misleader of the public.
He would have done so gladly, and after this mournful experience even regretted that he had granted the German misleader, Luther, the safe conduct promised.
And in darkness and anguish they will remain until they turn to that King who comes to rule them, until the sword and indignation of God have overthrown their misleaders and oppressors, and the Justice of God, the Kingdom of God set high over the republics of mankind, has brought peace for ever to the world.
I was pained to hear from her that Bob supposed me the misleader of his sister; and that he had, as she believed, left England, to avoid the misery of ever meeting me again, because he liked me so much.

Examples of Misleader

Example #1
What, wilt thou on thy death-bed play the ruffian, And seek for sorrow with thy spectacles?
Example #2
Take heed, lest by your heat you burn yourselves.
Example #3
In the same way those who write of spiritual truths and the psychic control of our life-forces are as foolishly criticised as Galileo, and as wrongfully condemned.
Example #4
But if they had made their scientific attainments known to the multitude of their day they would have been judged as impostors or madmen.
Example #5
Before a fatal weakness suddenly attacked him his health had been rather better than before; then his voice failed, and Quijada was compelled to kneel beside his bed that he might understand what he wished to impress upon him.
Example #6
He had been unable to attend the auto-da-fe at which the heretics were committed to the flames.