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Definition of Mitchell

  • United States dancer who formed the first Black classical ballet company (born in 1934)
  • United States labor leader; president of the United Mine Workers of America from 1898 to 1908 (1870-1919)
  • United States writer noted for her novel about the South during the American Civil War (1900-1949)
  • United States astronomer who studied sunspots and nebulae (1818-1889)
  • United States aviator and general who was an early advocate of military air power (1879-1936)
  • English aeronautical engineer (1895-1937)

How to use mitchell in a sentence. Mitchell pronunciation.

Among his classmates were two men whom one delights to name with him,-Ormsby M. Mitchell, later a general in the Federal army, and Joseph E. Johnston, the famous Confederate.
On the 17th August, the day following the defeat of Gates,-of which event he was as yet wholly ignorant-he dispatched Col. Peter Horry, with orders to take command of four companies, Bonneau's, Mitchell's, Benson's and Lenud's, near Georgetown, on the Santee; to destroy all the boats and canoes on the river from the lower ferry to Lenud's-to break up and stop all communications with Charleston, and to procure, if possible, supplies of gunpowder, flints and bullets.
Gross was an impressive talker, due to the fact that he plagiarized office platitudes; he ran on pompously, dropping trade mottoes and shop-worn bits of philosophy until young Mitchell, unable longer to endure the light of admiration he saw in Miss Harris's eyes, rolled up his napkin to the size of a croquette and interrupted by noisily shoving back his chair and muttering under his breath: "That stuff comes on printed cards.
Mrs. Green called to him, "It's bread pudding, Mr. Mitchell, and very nice.
Mitchell had long adored the blonde manicurist, but once the same roof sheltered her and the magnificent head bookkeeper, he saw his dream of love and two furnished rooms with kitchenette go glimmering.
When at seven forty-five Miss Harris appeared upon the porch with her hat and gloves and two-dollar-ticket air, and tripped gaily away in company with Mr. Gross, young Mitchell realized bitterly that the cost of living had increased and that it was up to him to raise his salary or lose his lady.
Mr. Comer, in his weekly talks to the office force, had repeatedly said so-whence the origin of the bookkeeper's warmed-over wisdom-but Mitchell's duties were so simple and so constricted as to allow no opening for science, or so, at least, it seemed to him.
An open quotation, on the other hand, made Mitchell the subject of brusque criticism for offering a target to competitors, and when he lost an order he was the goat, not the General Railway Sales Manager.
And yet if salesmanship really were a science, Mitchell reasoned, there must be some way in which even a switchboard operator could profit by acquiring it.
It was indeed high time, for Miss Harris was undoubtedly slipping away, lured by luxuries no clerk could afford, and, moreover, he, Mitchell, was growing old; in a scant two years he would be able to vote.
It was in quoting prices on these "pick-ups" that Mitchell helloed for eight hours a day.
If there were really a science to salesmanship, it would work at long distance as well as at collar-and-elbow holds, and Mitchell's first task, therefore, should be to project his own personality into the railroad offices.
I want Mitchell, the junior partner.
In a similar manner, once the ice had been broken at the C. & E.I., Mitchell learned that the purchasing agent was at West Baden on his vacation; that he had stomach trouble and was cranky; that the speaker loved music, particularly Chaminade and George Cohan, although Beethoven had written some good stuff; that she'd been to Grand Haven on Sunday with her cousin, who sold hats out of Cleveland and was a prince with his money, but drank; and that the price on corrugated iron might be raised ten cents without doing any damage.
Mitchell, in the days that followed, proceeded to become acquainted with the Big Four, and in a short time was so close to the Lackawanna that he called her Phoebe Snow.
She had read everything Marion Crawford ever wrote, and considered her the greatest writer Indiana had produced, but was sorry to learn from Mitchell that her marriage to Capt.
As Mitchell's telephone orders piled up, day after day, Murphy began to treat him more like an employee than a "hand," and finally offered him a moderate expense account if he cared to entertain his railroad trade.
Mitchell sweated the lad for further details, then nearly strained a tendon in getting to the telephone booth.
Fifteen minutes before the appointed time Louis Mitchell was fidgeting nervously outside the Filbert Street cold-water "walk-up" known as Geraldine Manor, wondering if Miss Dunlap would notice his clothes.

Examples of Mitchell

Example #1
Cynics may ask, how many have profited by the innumerable proverbs and maxims of prudence which have been current in the world time out of mind?
Example #2
They will say that their only use is to repeat them after some unhappy wight has “gone wrong.
Example #3
Lee was at once made Lieutenant of Engineers, but, till the Mexican War, attained only a captaincy.
Example #4
He graduated in 1829, being second in rank in a class of forty-six.
Example #5
Movements of so rapid a kind, and so frequently made as his, requiring equal dispatch and secrecy, forbade the use of artillery; and he very well knew, that, to employ men for the maintenance of isolated posts-such posts as he could establish,-would have no other effect than to expose his brigade to the chances of being cut up in detail.
Example #6
He seldom troubled himself with such heavy baggage, and probably disposed of them in this way, quite as much to disencumber himself of them, as with any such motive, as was alleged, when placing them in battery, of overawing the Tories by their presence.