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How to use mixd in a sentence. Mixd pronunciation.

The nether, orange mix'd with grey.
O! let their strains around us float, Mix'd with the sweet and jocund song!
Low down his beard and mix'd with hoary white Descended, like his locks, which parting fell Upon his breast in double fold.
What mix'd emotions in my mind arise!
My Friend, and I, when o'er our Bottle sat, Mix'd with each Glass some inoffensive Chat, Talk'd of the World's Affairs, but still kept free From Passion, Zeal, or Partiality; With honest freedom did our thoughts dispense, And judg'd of all things with indifference; Till time at last did our Delights invade, And in due season separation made, Then without Envy, Discord or Deceit, Part like true Friends as loving as we meet.
Methinks his presence, being now in court, Should make you keep your own bed; but you 'll say Love mix'd with fear is sweetest.
Thou look'st ghastly; There sits in thy face some great determination Mix'd with some fear. BOSOLA.
Can but the bare and rocky bed descry; There Science loves to trace her tribes minute, The juiceless foliage, and the tasteless fruit; There she perceives them round the surface creep, And while they meet their due distinction keep; Mix'd but not blended; each its name retains, And these are Nature's ever-during stains.
Amazing race! deprived of land and laws, A general language and a public cause; With a religion none can now obey, With a reproach that none can take away: A people still, whose common ties are gone; Who, mix'd with every race, are lost in none.
That was like her wit, And seem'd her manner and her state to fit; Sometking there was-what, none presumed to say; Clouds lightly passing on a smiling day, - Whispers and hints which went from ear to ear, And mix'd reports no judge on earth could clear.
This goodly summer with your winter mix'd.
The left bank, That Rhone, when he hath mix'd with Sorga, laves.
Honest John was the first that I know of who mix'd narration and dialogue; a method of writing very engaging to the reader, who in the most interesting parts finds himself, as it were, brought into the company and present at the discourse.
At my first admission into this printing-house I took to working at press, imagining I felt a want of the bodily exercise I had been us'd to in America, where presswork is mix'd with composing.
These I esteem'd the essentials of every religion; and, being to be found in all the religions we had in our country, I respected them all, tho' with different degrees of respect, as I found them more or less mix'd with other articles, which, without any tendency to inspire, promote, or confirm morality, serv'd principally to divide us, and make us unfriendly to one another.
Appear'd, with gay enamell'd colours mix'd; On which the sun more glad impress'd his beams, Than on fair evening cloud, or humid bow.
Oh, what is the name of the god at whose fane Every nation is mix'd in so motley a train?

Examples of Mixd

Example #1
To wait upon the publick downfal, It was monastick, and did grow In holy orders by strict vow; Of rule as sullen and severe As that of rigid Cordeliere.
Example #2
The self-same thing they will abhor One way, and long another for.
Example #3
And lavish be the roses strewn!
Example #4
Why sleeps the charming lyre so long?
Example #5
He spoke and moved those venerable plumes.
Example #6
Heaven of their rays Seem'd joyous.