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The word of an agitator may rouse the passions of a mob and impel it to awful bloodshed, as in the French Revolution, where dictatorial mandates of mob-rule killed and exiled at pleasure, or, the strain of “Home, Sweet Home” may cement the setting of a family-circle beyond possibility of rupture.
There were things that could be perverted, and were perverted, into signs of mob-rule and disloyalty.

Examples of Mob-rule

Example #1
Right words are true and therefore free, they are never bound or fettered by time or space, they go to the farthest corners of the earth, and when the lips that spoke them first have long since mouldered in the grave, other voices take up with unwearying enthusiasm their message of life and love, as for instance the mystical “Come unto me” which has sounded from unnumbered tongues and brought oceans of balm to troubled hearts.
Example #2
According to the inflection of the voice a word may strike terror into the bravest heart or lull a timid child to peaceful slumber.
Example #3
Daylight revealed hanging on the Liberty Tree effigies of Commissioner Paxton and Inspector Williams, the latter of whom, being a cabinet-maker, had a glue-pot by his side, but by order of the popular leaders they were soon removed; there were salutes, liberty toasts, and other joyful demonstrations, and in the evening a procession, which was quite harmless, though, as it went along the street by the Province House, somewhat noisy, so that the Governor said that he and his family were disturbed.
Example #4
A few days after this consultation the Patriots celebrated the anniversary of the repeal of the Stamp Act by a day of general rejoicing.