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Your lives will answer for theirs until you give them into Mocatto's keeping.
At last, one day, after witnessing the horrible exhibition of a poor Turk having his clothing saturated with paraffine oil, and then set fire to, the captain, urged more by considerations for the safety of Tom and Charley and his men, than for his own, gave in, and told Mocatto that he would sign the draft.
That very same afternoon, a whole battalion of Turkish troops, sent out from Salonica, surrounded one of the mountains in which the brigands' stronghold was situated; and after desperate fighting, in which many men were killed on either side, compelled the surrender of Mocatto's band.

Examples of Mocatto

Example #1
You know the rendezvous, where to meet him and his band.
Example #2
Polydori," turning to one of the Greeks, "take charge of these Englishmen, with ten others of your best men.
Example #3
During this time, they heard nothing of the pirate chief, although the leader of the brigands-a gigantic Albanian named Mocatto-was continually engaged in pleasantly putting before Captain Harding what he and his countrymen might expect should the bank-draft remain unsigned after the corsair's return-of course acting under that worthy's instructions; pointing the moral of his remarks by practising the most unheard-of cruelties on such captives as the brigands brought in day by day, who were unable or unwilling to send to their friends to ransom them.
Example #4
Amongst this band of miscreants, who thought less of murder than they did of killing a fowl, the survivors of the _Muscadine_ suffered a species of moral torture for more than a week, being moved from place to place meanwhile, generally by night, as the brigands' encampment was shifted to evade the pursuit of the Turkish troops, who were wonderfully active in hunting the mountain gentry about-after Mr Suter's and Colonel Synge's release!
Example #5
Demetri, the pirate chief, who was on his way, like Shylock, for his bond or pound of flesh from the captain, got captured amongst other prisoners, and was subsequently hanged along with them on the mountain side, as a warning to all dishonest folk.
Example #6
However, as it turned out, Captain Harding was fortunately able to keep his word to the corsair, when he said "he would see him hanged first" before he should attach his name to the money order.