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How to use moccasin-packed in a sentence. Moccasin-packed pronunciation.

The show was being pulled off in a big open place among the trees, with great fires burning and the snow moccasin-packed as hard as Portland cement.
The remainder of the floor was moccasin-packed snow, littered with pots and pans and the general _impedimenta_ of an Arctic camp.

Examples of Moccasin-packed

Example #1
Next me was Tilly, beaded and scarlet-clothed galore, and against her Chief George and his head men.
Example #2
Full half a thousand of them to celebrate Tilly's wedding, and never a white man in a score of miles.
Example #3
The stove was red and roaring hot, but only a bare three feet away lay a block of ice, as sharp-edged and dry as when first quarried from the creek bottom.
Example #4
Upon half of the floor pine boughs had been cast; above this were spread the sleeping-furs, beneath lay the winter's snowfall.