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Definition of Moderately

  • In a moderate manner or degree; to a moderate extent.
  • to certain extent or degree
  • with moderation; in a moderate manner

How to use moderately in a sentence. Moderately pronunciation.

Nor again (as a boy who was moderately well off) did he trouble his parents for various and expensive dainties, nor did he run after the pleasures of this life; but was content with what he found, and asked for nothing more.
It was one of the things that puzzled him that he did not like her at all in the morning, and only moderately in the afternoon, but at night the touch of her hand thrilled him.
But it did seem to me that in the light of this letter from-er-your mother-in-law that's goin' to be, we ought to face the situation moderately square, anyhow.
Conover had been only moderately successful at the law, had lost clients to Frank's father, had been beaten when they were on opposite sides.
She liked the immaculate dinner dress of the two men; she liked her mother's beautiful neck and arms; she liked the quiet service once more; she even liked herself, moderately, in a light frock and slippers.
So far as his failure in literature went, it was due to the fact that he was doing either poorly or only moderately well work that very few people wanted to read, viz.
They go to bed moderately early, and sleep well.
There are few street doors; the entrance halls are, for the most part, looked upon as public property; and any moderately enterprising scavenger might make a fine fortune by now and then clearing them out.
I became moderately dissipated-I say moderately, for dissipation had but little zest for me.
Mr. Jones wrote a very fine hand-not in the least like a business man-when he was moderately sober, and he also had an exceedingly caustic wit when he chose to use it.
Wine, nevertheless, taken moderately, worketh quite contrary effects, as is implied by the old proverb, which saith that Venus takes cold when not accompanied with Ceres and Bacchus.
Read the sacred Bible, you will find the prayers of those who asked moderately were never unanswered.
How long will it be before one of your moderate monks decides he’ll moderately tinker with the tests, or whatever, just to be sure his favorite nephew makes the grade?
He's a good fellow, moderately good-looking, has position, and certainly knows something, as professors go.
She was only moderately fond of those inconsequent pleasures which make the life social.
Parish fed his slaves well, gave them comfortable quarters in which to live, looked after them when they were sick, and worked them very moderately.
A surprising number have been read aloud to me, and I like all if moderately good, and if they do not end unhappily-against which a law ought to be passed.
It was a sure sign that he was not well when he was idle at any times other than his regular resting hours; for, as long as he remained moderately well, there was no break in the regularity of his life.
I now first felt even moderately well, and I was picturing to myself all the delights of fresh fruits growing in beautiful valleys, and reading Humboldt's descriptions of the island's glorious views, when perhaps you may nearly guess at our disappointment, when a small pale man informed us we must perform a strict quarantine of twelve days.
I take at intervals of two or three months, five or six weeks of MODERATELY severe treatment, and always with good effect.

Examples of Moderately

Example #1
When his parents died, he was left alone with a little sister, when he was about eighteen or twenty years of age, and took care both of his house and of her.
Example #2
But when his parents took him into the Lord's house, he was not saucy, like a boy, nor inattentive as he grew older; but was subject to his parents, and attentive to what was read, turning it to his own account.
Example #3
Sally had frank blue eyes, a broad brow, and plentiful shining hair; she was buxom, with broad hips and full breasts; and her father, who was fond of discussing her appearance, warned her constantly that she must not grow fat.
Example #4
She was apprenticed to a dressmaker and set out every morning at eight to work all day in a shop in Regent Street.
Example #5
Well, that's easy; any fool can get married, lots of 'em do.
Example #6
But then, as I said, comes supportin' yourself and wife-bills, bills, and more bills.