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How to use moderately-sized in a sentence. Moderately-sized pronunciation.

Most of our hooks were small, and we could only venture to haul up moderately-sized fish with them.
The most striking case, which I have stumbled on, on apparent, but false relation of structure of plants to climate, seems to be Meyer and Doege's remark that there is not one single, even moderately-sized, family at the Cape of Good Hope which has not one or several species with heath-like foliage; and when we consider this together with the number of true heaths, any one would have been justified, had it not been for our own British heaths (584/1.
Her home was in the neighbourhood of a large town, and here, in a comfortable, moderately-sized house, she had lived for many years.
In a short time the party reached the neighbourhood of one of the largest bergs, one of those gigantic masses of ice which resemble moderately-sized mountains, the peaks of which rose several hundred feet above the sea-level, while its base was more than a mile in diameter.

Examples of Moderately-sized

Example #1
We had, however, one big hook with a strong line, and we hoped with it to catch a proportionately large fish.
Example #2
When not thus occupied, we were engaged in fishing.
Example #3
It is well known that plants with xerophytic characteristics are not confined to dry climates; it is only necessary to mention halophytes, alpine plants and certain epiphytes.
Example #4
Moor Park [May 2nd, 1857].
Example #5
She had no children of her own, and when her husband had died she had seemed to wish to avoid much intercourse with any one, so that Arthur knew very little of his aunt.
Example #6
Mrs. Estcourt, Mr. Vivyan's only sister, was a widow lady living by herself.