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How to use modern in a sentence. Modern pronunciation.

N. Y. “Modern Industry and the Individual.” A. W. Shaw & Co. 1919.
Author of the “Old Roman World” “Modern History” &c.
And now “Modern German Poetry and F——,” and Liberal politics!

Examples of Modern

Example #1
Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry.
Example #2
N. Y. “Creative Spirit in Industry.
Example #3
Pompey, in particular, promised to restore the tribunitian power.
Example #4
But both, in order to obtain the consulship, made great promises.
Example #5
I cannot understand how F—— could think of such a thing.
Example #6
The channel for such things is now really the “Edinburgh;” in the “Quarterly” everything not English must be run down, at all events in appearance, if it is to be appreciated.