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Definition of Mollycoddle

  • a pampered darling; an effeminate man; a milksop.
  • To pamper or coddle.
  • a pampered darling; an effeminate man
  • treat with excessive indulgence

How to use mollycoddle in a sentence. Mollycoddle pronunciation.

We're a passel of mollycoddles, asleep on the job.
I lost him, and had just begun sourly to call myself a mollycoddle hunter, when he reappeared.
She had taught him entirely herself, and both working together with a thorough good will, she had rendered him a better classical scholar, as all judges allowed, than most boys of the same age, and far superior to them in general cultivation; and she should be proud to convince Captain Charteris that she had not made him the mollycoddle that was obviously anticipated.
But how long will it take you to write that play for your mollycoddle poet?
But Pennini was not such a mollycoddle and ass as he looked, and when he grew up he gave evidence enough of having a mind and a way of his own.

Examples of Mollycoddle

Example #1
We haven't half enough ships to coal our navy.
Example #2
Why, what kind of a nation are we getting to be, anyway?
Example #3
He halted in an open glade, on the very crest of the knoll, and stood still as a statue wolf, a white, inspiriting target, against a dark green background.
Example #4
I had not, however, gotten the sights in line with him, when he trotted away reluctantly, and ascended the knoll on his side of the hollow.
Example #5
Strange,' said Miss Fennimore, 'that we should have lived together so long, acting on each other, yet each unconscious of the other's thoughts.
Example #6
The other relatives, who had seen the children in their yearly visits to London, had always expressed unqualified satisfaction, though not advancing much in the good graces of Lucy and Owen.