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How to use monin in a sentence. Monin pronunciation.

Gambrini, quoted by Monin, mentions a young man, unfortunate in love and violently jealous, whose whole body exhaled a sickening, pernicious, and fetid odor.
Dey said dat de massa wuz good ter 'em, but dat sometimes in de mo'nin' dey jist has lasses an' co'nbread fer breakfas'.
In a few minutes a smiling negro in a white jacket and cap came out of the cabin carrying a tray containing cups of beef tea, which he offered to the boys, saying with a grin: "Dis ain't like de beef soup yo' get at de 'cademy, sah, but mebby yo' would like a bite or two dis mon'in' to sha'pen yo' appetite fo' dinnah?

Examples of Monin

Example #1
Orteschi met a young lady who, without any possibility of fraud, exhaled the strong odor of vanilla from the commissures of her fingers.
Example #2
The emotions are said to have a decided influence on the odor of an individual.
Example #3
It wuz a big white two-story house at de end uv a magnolia lane an' a-settin' in a big level fiel'.
Example #4
I doan know nothin' 'bout no war, case I warn't borned.
Example #5
You don't look it, at any rate.
Example #6
Perhaps you have been eating too much, that might make you sick.