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In Monochaetum ensiferum the facts are more complex and still more strange; as the age and position of the pistils comes into play, in relation to the two kinds of pollen.
Now the curious projections or horns to the stamens of Monochaetum are full of fluid, and the suspicion occurs to me that diptera or small hymenoptera may puncture these horns like they puncture (proved since my orchid book was published) the dry nectaries of true Orchis.
I have got seeds from Dr. King of some Melastomaceae, and will write to Veitch to see if I can get the Melastomaceous genera Monochaetum and Heterocentron or some such name, on which I before experimented.
Monochaetum (Monochoetum), absence of nectar in.

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Example #1
These facts seem to me so curious that I do not scruple to ask you to see whether you can lend me any Melastomad just before flowering, with a not very small flower, and which will endure for a short time a greenhouse or sitting-room; when fertilised and watered I could send it to Mr. Turnbull's to a cool stove to mature seed.
Example #2
The dwarfs were produced by the pollen of the crimson anthers.
Example #3
I forget whether Rhexia is common; but I very much wish you would next summer watch on a warm day a group of flowers, and see whether they are visited by small insects, and what they do.
Example #4
Do you remember telling me you could see no nectar in your Rhexia?
Example #5
Now, if you can aid me, I know that you will; but if you cannot, do not write and trouble yourself.
Example #6
The Lythraceae must be excluded, as these are heterostyled.