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How to use monospaced in a sentence. Monospaced pronunciation.

View this e-text in a monospaced font such as Courier and they will all line up in the right margin.
This e-text look best in a monospaced font, such as Courier or Arial.
If you read this e-text using a monospaced font (like Courier in a word processor such as MS Word, or the default font in most text editors) then the marginal notes are right-justified.

Examples of Monospaced

Example #1
Latin: All translations are by the transcriber.
Example #2
In the notes, they immediately follow the Latin text in [square brackets].
Example #3
Maximum line length is 72 characters.
Example #4
This e-text was scanned, re-formatted and edited with extra notes by Donal O' Danachair (
Example #5
In the prose tales, they have been imbedded into the text in square brackets after the word or phrase they refer to [like this].
Example #6
For I can suffer it as a philosopher.