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Sitting at table, Nahoum alone of all present had caught David's arrested look, and, glancing up, had seen the girl's face at the panel of mooshrabieh, and had seen also over her shoulder the face of his brother, Foorgat Bey.
He suddenly remembered the face he had seen looking down at the Prince's table from the panel of mooshrabieh.
The face was that of the girl who had looked out of the panel in the mooshrabieh screen.
Thee will never do me ill; but do I not know that I shall have foes at every corner, behind every mooshrabieh screen, on every mastaba, in the pasha's court-yard, by every mosque?
As he waited he was conscious that people were moving about behind the great screens of mooshrabieh which separated this room from others, and that eyes were following his every motion.
David was about to answer, but chancing to raise his eyes above the Prince Pasha's head, his glance was arrested and startled by seeing a face-the face of a woman-looking out of a panel in a mooshrabieh screen in a gallery above.

Examples of Mooshrabieh

Example #1
He had been even more astonished than David, and far more disturbed.
Example #2
He was called Foorgat Bey.
Example #3
That English face-where was it?
Example #4
All that he had heard recalled to him his first readings in the Old Testament-the story of Nebuchadnezzar, of Belshazzar, of Ahasuerus-of Ahasuerus!
Example #5
Then it was beautiful in its mirth and animation, now it was pale and terror-stricken, as with one free hand she fiercely beat the face pressed to hers.
Example #6
He pressed it, the door yielded, and, throwing it back, he stepped into the room-to see a woman struggling to resist the embraces and kisses of a man.