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For Liguori, see his Theologia Moralis, Paris, 1834, lib.
Moralis_, 1750, and in his _Vernuenftige Gedanken von Gott_. 1747 (p. 604).
There is one doctor who is called Astrologus; a second, Cosmographus; a third, Arithmeticus; a fourth, Geometra; a fifth, Historiographus; a sixth, Poeta; a seventh, Logicus; an eighth, Rhetor; a ninth, Grammaticus; a tenth, Medicus; an eleventh, Physiologus; a twelfth, Politicus; a thirteenth, Moralis.

Examples of Morali

Example #1
His opponents felt instinctively that such discoveries boded danger to the accepted view, and they were right: Boucher himself soon saw the folly of trying to account for them by the orthodox theory.
Example #2
This heavy, sluggish opposition seemed immovable: nothing that Boucher could do or say appeared to lighten the pressure of the orthodox theological opinion behind it; not even his belief that these fossils were remains of men drowned at the Deluge of Noah, and that they were proofs of the literal exactness of Genesis seemed to help the matter.
Example #3
The fifty-third Psalm, for example, is a repetition of the fourteenth with the name Elohim altered into Jehovah.
Example #4
Nor was the difference unknown or forgotten in later ages of Jewish history.
Example #5
They have but one book, which they call Wisdom, and in it all the sciences are written with conciseness and marvellous fluency of expression.
Example #6
As many doctors as there are, are under his control.