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Definition of Mortice

  • a square hole made to receive a tenon and so to form a joint
  • join by a tenon and mortise
  • cut a hole for a tenon in

How to use mortice in a sentence. Mortice pronunciation.

Portions of legs and rails, turned as if by a modern lathe, mortice holes and tenons, fill us with wonder as we look upon work which, at the most modern computation, must be 3,000 years old, and may be of a date still more remote.
Indeed, it was not a cupboard lock screwed to the inside of the door as might have been expected, but a small-sized mortice lock hidden in the thickness of the wood, and the keyhole came through to the inside; just the same arrangement as is usual in internal house doors.
Then the significance of the mortice lock in the wardrobe door occurred to him, and he stopped, drew the door to behind him, and with his wire locked it.

Examples of Mortice

Example #1
In the same room, arranged in cases round the wall, is a collection of several objects which, if scarcely to be classed under the head of furniture, are articles of luxury and comfort, and demonstrate the extraordinary state of civilisation enjoyed by the old Egyptians, and help us to form a picture of their domestic habits.
Example #2
An Egyptian of High Rank Seated.
Example #3
The inside of the wardrobe revealed nothing of interest.
Example #4
It was locked, and though with his wire he eventually shot back the bolt, the trouble he had, proved that the lock was one of first quality.
Example #5
Descending farther he allowed the floor to drop gently into place above his head, thus leaving no trace of his passage.
Example #6
Having examined the pivoted floor to make sure there was no secret catch which could fasten and imprison him below, he stepped on to the ladder and began to descend.