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How to use moss-land in a sentence. Moss-land pronunciation.

Yes, I must have the house and the path and the spring and the strip of moss-land that lies along the branch.
The ground in the yard and about the barn was so dry that I could find no angle worms, and I decided to dig in the damp moss-land near the spring.
And over the stones the water was laughing, and the strip of green moss-land flashed in the sun.

Examples of Moss-land

Example #1
It will be merely a poetic possession, but such possessions are the richest to one who has a soul; and no one with a soul will bid against me.
Example #2
I have the promise of money from Perdue, and I think that I can borrow some of Conkwright.
Example #3
The hoe struck a hard substance and out came something bright.
Example #4
I would fish in the pools that lay along the stream toward the mill.
Example #5
I saw the old man walking up the ravine, with his hands behind him, and I caught the faint sound of a tune he was humming.
Example #6
And I caught her in my arms, swept her off the ground and held her to my beating heart.