Much in a sentence

The word "much" in a example sentences. Learn the definition of much and how to use it in a sentence.

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How to use much in a sentence. Much pronunciation.

There is so much,” replied Daniel in extreme torture, “a hundred thousand faces bewilder me, a hundred thousand pictures hem me in.
I liked her very much,” said Bessie.
It’s too much,” says Esmond, turning away.
This thing is too much”?

Examples of Much

Example #1
Daniel came and warmed himself by the stove.
Example #2
Gertrude sat by the table and attended to her needlework.
Example #3
She may not be our style exactly, but I think at heart she is a good, true girl.
Example #4
You are rough on her, upon my word.
Example #5
The result will be pure disgust.
Example #6
I can’t bear this life, and shall leave it.