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How to use much-at in a sentence. Much-at pronunciation.

Again, she had always felt that she owed Vesta so much-at least a long and happy life to make up to her for the ignominy of her birth and rearing.
Besides, we really liked Aunt Cynthia very much-at times.
I never could work much-at my work-baking days.

Examples of Much-at

Example #1
Jennie had been so happy during the past few years to see Vesta growing into beautiful, graceful, intelligent womanhood.
Example #2
If Lester had not objected to it, and she had been truly married, she would have been glad to have others.
Example #3
Aunt Cynthia was one of those rather exasperating people who nag at and find fault with you until you think you are justified in hating them, and who then turn round and do something so really nice and kind for you that you feel as if you were compelled to love them dutifully instead.
Example #4
When you have an unencumbered aunt, with a fat bank account, it is just as well to keep on good terms with her, if you can.
Example #5
Then, when I did get to work, the people would come with things,-milk or meat or vegetables, or children with berries; and what distressed me most was the wheelmarks on our meadow.
Example #6
We baked too-the baker's bread was really pretty poor, and Ford did enjoy my whole wheat, and brown, and especially hot rolls and gems.