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How to use much-much in a sentence. Much-much pronunciation.

Unofficially there were much,-much that is mournful, but perhaps also something that is good and blessed, and though the saddest, also the highest, the lovingest and best; as beseems Time's sunset, now coming nigh.
It is not much, Polly," he continued, turning his eyes upon her peaceful face as he apostrophized her, "it is not much, Polly, for a blind and sinful man to invoke a blessing on something so far better than himself as a little child is; but it would be much-much upon his cruel head, and much upon his guilty soul-if he could be so wicked as to invoke a curse.

Examples of Much-much

Example #1
At present I will say only that, in bodily health, I am not to be called Ill, for a man who will be seventy-four next month; nor, on the spiritual side, has anything been laid upon me that is quite beyond my strength.
Example #2
And that, in your official capacity, is all I have to say to you at present.
Example #3
He had better have a millstone round his neck, and be cast into the deepest sea.
Example #4
As the father held out his arms for the child, each of the two men looked steadily at the other.