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How to use much-my in a sentence. Much-my pronunciation.

It got into the eyes and senses of Jean Jacques, in a way which had nothing to do with the philosophy of Descartes, or Kant, or Aristotle, or Hegel. "It was beautiful in much-my childhood," she said in a low voice, dropping her eyes before his ardent gaze, "as my father said.
Yet weaken'd much-my final rest is near.
You know that song of mine that you like so much-my own composing?

Examples of Much-my

Example #1
My mother was lovely to see, but not bigger than I was at twelve-so petite, and yet so perfect in form-like a lark or a canary.
Example #2
With abandon of the mind came a recklessness of body, which gave her, all at once, a voluptuousness more in keeping with the typical maid of Andalusia.
Example #3
Withdraw awhile; but wait within a call.
Example #4
Constantia! stay; come nearer to your father.
Example #5
It was a song about that kind gentleman.
Example #6
I cannot be sorrowful long.