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How to use mujer in a sentence. Mujer pronunciation.

Entonces, mi futuro, lo veo en la playa, sin Internet, para descansar con mi mujer ;-) = ¿Qué piensa Ud.
He called them Blanco Diablo (White Devil), Blanco Sol (White Sun), Blanca Reina (White Queen), Blanca Mujer (White Woman), and El Gran Toro Blanco (The Big White Bull).
The other mare, Blanca Mujer, was dazzling white, without a spot, perfectly pointed, racy, graceful, elegant, yet carrying weight and brawn and range that suggested her relation to her forebears.
The men soon rounded up eleven of the whites, all more or less frightened, and among the number were Queen and Blanca Mujer.

Examples of Mujer

Example #1
El desarollo va tan rápido, que es difícil soportarlo físicamente.
Example #2
Tengo la impresión de vivir las historias que se leen en la prensa sobre los start-up.
Example #3
Belding had been laughed at by ranchers for preserving the sentimental Durango names, and he had been unmercifully ridiculed by cowboys.
Example #4
No mercenary consideration, however, could have made him part with the great, rangy white horses he had gotten from the Durango breeder.
Example #5
The cowboys admitted some of Belding's claims for Diablo, but they gave loyal and unshakable allegiance to Blanco Sol.
Example #6
He was a huge, massive, thick-flanked stallion, a kingly mate for his full-bodied, glossy consort, Blanca Reina.