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Definition of Muliebrity

  • The state of being a woman or of possessing full womanly powers; womanhood; -- correlate of virility.
  • Effeminancy; softness.
  • the trait of behaving in ways considered typical for women
  • the state of being an adult woman

How to use muliebrity in a sentence. Muliebrity pronunciation.

And having thought upon it a hundred and five times, I know not what else to determine therein, save only that in the devising, hammering, forging, and composing of the woman she hath had a much tenderer regard, and by a great deal more respectful heed to the delightful consortship and sociable delectation of the man, than to the perfection and accomplishment of the individual womanishness or muliebrity.
She was certainly handsome; if there was no longer the freshness of youth, there was still the indefinable charm of the woman of thirty, and with it the delicate curves of matured muliebrity and repose.

Examples of Muliebrity

Example #1
The Goddess-Bottle therefore directs you to that divine liquor; be yourself the expounder of your undertaking.
Example #2
The divine philosopher Plato was doubtful in what rank of living creatures to place and collocate them, whether amongst the rational animals, by elevating them to an upper seat in the specifical classis of humanity, or with the irrational, by degrading them to a lower bench on the opposite side, of a brutal kind, and mere bestiality.
Example #3
There were lines, particularly around the mouth and fringed eyelids, that were deepened as by pain; and the chin, even in its rounded fullness, had the angle of determination.
Example #4
Nor was it his only disturbing query; he was conscious of the same disappointment now that he could examine her face more attentively, as in his first cursory glance.